Mix & Bake

About Our Mix & Bake Boxes

Introducing Our New 'Mix & Bake' Seeded Bark Mixes.

With your gourmet chef in mind, we have designed a range of Gluten, Egg and Dairy Free cracker mixes you can make at home when and where the occasion desires. Each box will make you 230g of fresh gourmet crackers and with two distinctly different flavours one being sweet and the other savoury, they make the perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard. Ginger & Hazelnut, for your blue cheeses or a strong hard cheese and Smoked Pimento, perfect for all your hard and soft white cheeses.

Combining the finest seed and spice ingredients these delicious seeded bark mixes have been carefully prepared and ready for you to bake at home. Pair with your favourite cheese or enjoy as a gourmet snack. Simply add olive oil and water, then mix, roll and bake.

Fresh crackers made easy!

The Perfect Artisan for the Perfect Cracker

Knutsford Gourmet is all​ about the 'Perfect Pairing', every bite you take should be an experience of flavour that your taste buds will always remember!

In Western Australia there are so many talented artisans that make so many truly beautiful products, with a passion and dedication that shines in every product they make or develop, these flavours need to be enjoyed by you all.

So bringing together those talents of WA Artisans I have dedicated the side panel of each box to 'The Perfect Artisan Pairing' and have put together a list of accompaniments, relishes, jams and charcuterie that will perfectly pair with your cracker and cheese suggestions for each box flavour.

I look forward to you enjoying it all as much as I do.

Allow me to show you how easy it is, come bake with me...

Smoked Pimento Seeded Bark

Ginger & Hazelnut Seeded Bark