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This luxury nougat box offers 6 delicious flavours.

Inspired by desserts from around the globe it makes the perfect solution to dessert, be that a night at home, or relaxing with friends. This beautiful and sleek packaging also makes the perfect ready to send a gift.
Nougat & Nice products are all made by hand and packaged, so indulge and treat yourself to this creative twist on a classic nougat.

Coffee & Almond – Classic coffee with roasted almonds, dark chocolate and natural honey and lashings of even more dark chocolate.
Almond Baklava – Roasted almond nougat infused with fragrant spices and orange blossom, with crunchy almond praline on top.
Bitter Orange – Delicate floral notes from rose water and orange bitters, finished with creamy pistachios and white chocolate.
Caramel Peanuts – Layers of peanut butter caramel, soft indulgent dark chocolate nougat and crushed salted peanuts.
Lychee & Raspberry – Roasted pistachios and white chocolate, accompanied by tropical lychee and raspberries.
Spiced Chai – Spiced chai, white chocolate, almond and natural honey nougat topped with caramelised chocolate crumble.

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